Customers stories

Our customers are businesses living in change. Making decisions is part of their daily work. To make the right decision can be demanding. It implies high level of competence and must be based on updated and relevant information about the business itself. Below some of our customers describe how VIEW has helped them in their daily work.

An ERP system in the cloud is one system- one application. However, we configure and adjust the reporting and routines to the KPI’s relevant for the business. The system should support the processes and lines of business – the system is there to support you, and VIEW Maritime is there to support you. This is the underlying though from the start of an implementation to solution ready for use and further into the phase of daily use.

Customers first!

"We are reducing the number of manual entries"
"We are streamlining our processes and keeping our cost down"
"We have a efficient system, which is essential in this global business"
"Dataloy VMS and Xledger are reducing our number of manual entries"