Steem1960 Steensland Shipbrokers AS, founded in 1960, is a ship broking company having offices in Oslo, Bergen, Singapore and Houston. Our main market is chartering within LPG, ammonia, petrochemical gases, liquid chemicals and clean petroleum products. We have more than 80 employees, where 50 is working in Oslo.

Tonje Wekre (CFO) says:
To be able to use the same system worldwide, has been a decision maker for us, especially because access to information is so important. Fully digitalised, cash flow management and electronic work flow are some of the elements contributing to being in control of our business. It has also been an advantage for us to have a supplier that step in and help us in our daily work whenever there is need for it. A supplier that not only knows how our system is working, but also know our processes and has knowledge about our industry.​

It’s all about happy customers

No customer – no business
"With help from VIEW we are streamlining our processes and keeping our cost down"
"VIEW has contributed to system efficiency, which is essential in this global business"
"Thanks to VIEW we are able to focus on our core business"

The people makes the big difference

Meet the people working for us -  your next financial advisor?
Bjørnar Ufs Haugane
Financial Manager
Rune Dagsgard
Financial advisor
Rut Krogset

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Senior Finance Consultant


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Tonje Herstad
Financial advisor

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Main Office

+47 22 72 92 92


Dronning Eufemias gate 16, 12 floor
0191 Oslo​

Post Address:
Postboks 6731 
0609 Oslo

Org. nr: 998 497 914

Member of: Regnskap Norge
Partners: Xledger AS, Dataloy Systems AS

We are an authorized accounting company, approved by The Ministry of Finance
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