Electronic archive

With your own digital archive everything can be found in one place and you have always access!
Each transaction is documented via an image connected to the transaction. For each balance and P&L account being reconciled there is documentation available, and the documentation is indexed according to the auditors’ standard. The personnel document archive contains employment contracts, resumes from “one-to-one” meetings, salary review and adjustment letters, payslips and other documentation related to personnel. For practical use commercial contracts with suppliers and customers and board/general committee meeting protocols can be stored in the digital archive.

Most companies receive all mail electronically. However, for those companies that haven’t reach this stage yet, we provide as a temporary solution, to function as mail reception. VIEW Maritime can for an agreed time period prepare documents for transaction processing, scan and upload documents to Xledger and physically archive the documentation. Efficient handling of documentation and processing of vouchers is one of the prerequisite for having a positive experience with transforming into the cloud and will provide the customer with a totally different everyday life.

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