Coronavirus: Our services continue uninterrupted

There has been a significant escalation in the need for information and measures connected to coronavirus these last few days. At VIEW, we adhere to recommendations from the health authorities, whilst monitoring the developments closely. Our staff are working from home, are barred from travelling, and all meetings are conducted by video.

It is our hope that you too are taking all necessary steps to reduce the spread of the virus, and we ask for your understanding regarding our decision to conduct planned meetings virtually rather than physically.
As a technology driven company, we will remain fully operational in the time to come, and we will deliver our services as agreed. We have good solutions that make it possible for our staff to keep working for you, no matter where they are.

Our customers use one of the leading ERP systems: Xledger. A modern SaaS solutions that can be operated remotely. They are telling us that they have adopted the same policy as us, and that their daily operations are well under control. 

Your data remain safe, and access to our services are not in any danger at this point.


Our staff remain accessible as before, and we are carrying out our tasks as planned. We have sufficient capacity and are in a position to take on further tasks if asked to do so in the time ahead.
As a supplier of accounting and finance services, we care about you and your organisation. It is important to us that you know we are here if you need our assistance with tasks that you or your staff are no longer able to perform. For example, if you are facing challenges pertaining to cash flow, we have solutions that can help remedy the situation. We are ready and eager to talk to you if you are unsure or you need help.