We are proud of being Dataloy Master-Partner

As Master Partner of Dataloy we can give our customers the best advice, how to get total financial and operation control of their business. Dataloy have hight standard for achieving the Master Partner title, and we are proud of having the highest level of mastery of the Dataloy API.

As Master Partner of Dataloy you are: 
"Accredited API Partners who demonstrate a high level of competence and provide exceptional service to customers of all sizes. They have validated skills and have proven practices that can scale from small to large customers."

- We are very happy to get this title, and it`s a great achievement for our team, says Terje Bratlie, CEO of VIEW Maritime.  

- Together with Dataloy, we offer a unique business management system based on real time operation and financial information. With the seamlessly integration between Dataloy VMS and the financial system Xledger, companies will save time, money and get a total overview of critical business information, says Bratlie. 

The integration – how it works

Dataloy VMS is an advanced and comprehensive software system for voyage management at all its stages, from planning to post fixture. Integrated with Xledger, companies get a complete cloud-based ERP system for the maritime industry and voyage management system that share information. 
- All the relevant company information is transferred continuously both ways from Xledger and Dataloy VMS. It is also possible to tailor the integration to specific customer needs and implement logic that would otherwise not be available in the Dataloy VMS.  We are in the process of developing tools for the end user to administer certain functions of the integration itself, says Terje Bratlie. 
- Besides the standard integration between Xledger and Dataloy VMS, we provide integrations with other systems, such as database/business information applications, various time capturing systems, operation systems and more customer specific systems. Our goal is to always give our customers total control of their business.

Company’s saves time and gets a unique control  

Benefits for our customers:
  • Information is updated and recalculated immediately   
  • A unique business management system based on real time information  
  • Flexible structure and user-friendly interface  
  • Automated workflows   
  • Advanced business group functionality   
  • Multi-currency solution   
  • Fixed assets accounting   
  • Total control and overview of your business  

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