Financial Services

Financial and Accounting Services

VIEW Maritime can take on full or partial outsourcing of accounting services, based on payroll processing. This is a solution where the customer is responsible for some tasks, for example approval of incoming invoices, remittance and invoicing, whereas VIEW Maritime handles other tasks like reconciliation and regulatory reporting. It is all done within a clearly defined framework, including monitoring of transactions in the integration.

Our consultants are certified Xledger user and have deep knowledge about Dataloy VMS and the integration. The consultants are strongly involved both during implementation and post-implementation. Hence, our consultants gain deep knowledge about your business, processes and systems. This becomes an advantage in the sense that our consultants can step in and temporary assist you in your daily work in case of sickness/ absences. The same counts if your workload is too heavy. Our knowledge is to your benefit!


Our competence

  • KPI analysis
  • Reporting
  • Annual accounts
  • Annual accounts for groups/IFRS
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow management/Refinancing

Customers trust us with

  • Incorporation, transformation and liquidation
  • Acquisitions and integration processes
  • Mergers/demergers

How can we be of assistance?

If you have any questions or queries about VIEW Maritime and what we can do to help your business. We would love to hear from you and to solve your  financial or accounting challenges.

Contact us today and one of our experts will follow up with you promptly.