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VIEW Maritime wants to be our customers single point of contact (SPOC). We want our customers to feel safe that we can handle any situation. Our focus is to use the best of breed, as we do not believe in forcing everything into one system. We understand that the maritime industry has high standards, and we wish to offer our customers the best solution specifically for each and one of them. We understand the maritime industry’s two basic needs from an ERP-system: speed and reliability. 

We offer complete integrations with the cloud-based financial system Xledger. We build, supporthttps://www.traditionrolex.com/17, and integrate Xledger with the best systems in the maritime business, ranging from Dataloy Systems (who are our master partner) to Q88, Veson, Amos, STAR Information Systems, K-fleet, Adonis, GAT-Ship, OCS HR, EyeShare and more. Key information between systems flows instantly via GraphQL and data is always available in the cloud. Being developed in Norway, the solution and the applications are global and are supporting both a national and an international market.

Our team consists of experienced consultants being certified Xledger users, many of which have the authorisation demanded by Finanstilsynet, The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Educational background varies from Bachelor to Master of Commerce/Business Studies, specialising in subjects like administration, accounting, auditing and management.

The latter also include project management within implementation of ERP systems. One of the advantages being part of VIEW group is that knowledge and experience is shared within the group in order to achieve the best result and solution for the customer. The most important is to bring good solutions to administrative challenges.
We want to be a partner, not a supplier.

The team

Meet the people working with you - Your next AccounTech partner?

Bjørnar Ufs Haugane


Phone: +47 480 05 186
Mail: bha@viewmaritime.com

Børge Mælum

Head of Accounting and Compliance

Phone: +47 482 48 391
Mail: bma@viewmaritime.com

Håkon Ruud

Head of Technology and Innovation

Phone: +47 936 22 640
Mail: hru@viewmaritime.com

Saniya Anwar

Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 482 99 568
Mail: saniya.anwar@viewmaritime.com

Rune Hoddevik Dagsgard

Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 988 76 390
Mail: rda@viewmaritime.com


Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 412 53 100
Mail: jwi@viewmaritime.com

Lisa Nelvik Uthuslien

Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 920 89 933
Mail: lisa.uthuslien@viewmaritime.com

Ingrid Øvrebø

Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 473 61 822
Mail: ingrid.oevreboe@viewmaritime.com

Atif Roy

Financial Consultant

Phone: +47 465 40 770

Erik Angell Berg

Integration Consultant

Phone: +47 933 07 130
Mail: erik.berg@viewmaritime.com

Arvand Bahrami

ERP Consultant

Phone: +47 412 137 91
Mail: arvand.bahrami@viewmaritime.com

Andreas Johansson

ERP Consultant

Mail: ajo@viewmaritime.com  

Martin Nørgård-Solum

ERP Consultant

Phone: +47 474 17 136
Mail: martin.solum@viewmaritime.com 

Vilde Bucher

ERP Consultant

Phone: +47 473 44 243
Mail: vbu@viewmaritime.com

Customer Testimonial

Our customers are businesses living in change, we change with them. Read more about our cooperation and how VIEW Maritime help them in their daily work.

Baltic Line

"Now that we have Xledger and VIEW Maritime, we are reducing the number of manual processes"

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Peak Group AS

"With help from VIEW Maritime we are streamlining our processes and keeping our cost down"

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Steem 1960 Shipbrokers  

"VIEW Maritme has contributed to system efficiency, which is essential in this global business".

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