Baltic Line – DSD

Xledger & Dataloy

The integration between Xledger and Dataloy VMS has helped us with digitalization and automatization of our operation and post fixture processing. We process all financial items for each voyage automatically from VMS to accounting, so our post fixture department only monitors the transactions, rather than booking them manually. This helps us to maintain the pnl to reflect the transactions in a live environment.

Eivind Baasland (Operation manager) says:
With the integration between Dataloy VMS and Xledger we are reducing our number of manual entries, and are currently only inputting the invoices in VMS.
AR processing is also automated, and we have a real time open items list in both Xledger and VMS, since we import bank statements daily.

With our bank account integrated with Xledger, payments are easily processed right after approval. We now have more time to do our core business – operating vessels.

“We now have more time to do our core business – operating vessels.”

– Eivind Baasland


Baltic Line vessels offer multiple handling methods for break bulk. Via side ports line can take any cargo which can be handled with forklifts such as pallets, big bags or bundles/packages/cases. Furthermore all vessels have normal hatches for cargo requiring crane handling.

The Baltic Line fleet is capable of carrying

  • High and heavy project cargo
  • Dry bulk cargoes on spot basis
  • Steel products and metals: coils, bars, sheets and plates
  • Forest products: boards, paper and pulp
  • Chemicals: pallets and big bags (also hazardous)
  • Containers: dry-, bulk- and tank containers
  • Boats