Skarv Shipping Solutions

Low emission – big on tech

Skarv Shipping Solutiuons is a joint venture between Peak Group and Grieg Edge to initiate and develop sustainable short-sea shipping in Northern Europe.

Enova provided Skarv with a NOK 130 million grant in 2022, which will help the company develop their plan to reduce CO2 emissions on the Norwegian coast.

Skarv have signed contracts for 4 climate-friendly vessels. The first vessel will be delivered in the third quarter of 2025, with the others in four month intervals.

Read more about Skarv and  their ambitions here.

Accounting service from VIEW Maritime

As a startup in the shipping industry, the importance of keeping track on the balancesheet is super important. Thanks to VIEW Maritime we can focus on building the company and make decisions on live data presented in Xledger.

Xledger suited our needs perfectly. As a startup with ambition for growth, we need to have scalability and the possibility to do so without too much administration. Both in company size, structure and area of operation.

VIEW Maritime handles all our accounting related tasks so we can focus on our mission to reduce carbon emission in the short-haul segment.


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