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Training Courses

Xledger is a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated ERP system. All users should get the training and knowledge about the advantages in a cloud-based system. Our training is tailored for you and is based on your specific setup. Our training program will ensure a positive user experience, where routines and processes should be automated when possible.

Hosted by VIEW Academy our consultants conduct the customer training and will verify that all users understand the system logic and the efficiency benefits that are available through the cloud. Our consultants are certified Xledger users and have deep knowledge about Dataloy VMS and the integration solutions.

ERP system xledger

Xledger is well suited for companies within various industries, whether it is shipping, property management or other industries.

The business group functionality meets most requirements and reporting can be done in multi currencies. Xledger is a global application and well-adjusted various payment solutions cross countries.

All information is updated and recalculated immediately and provides the customer with a unique business management system based on real time information.

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Other systems
Besides the standard integration between Xledger and Dataloy VMS, we provide integrations with other systems, such as database/business information applications, various time capturing systems, operation systems and more customer specific systems. Contact us for information on how we can help your business get more efficient!

We can also help you with accounting, payroll services and financial advisory services. Whether you like to partial or fully outsource you financial administration function, we can help you! Our consultants are certified Xledger user and have deep knowledge about Dataloy VMS and the integration. Reade more about our accounting and payroll services here!

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If you have any questions or queries about VIEW Maritime and what we can do to help your business. We would love to hear from you and to solve your  financial or accounting challenges.

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